Ever since FLEX was started we have been specializing in human resource management, carrying out effective and up-to-date searches for specialists and managers of all levels. We constantly strive to provide our customers with a wide choice of highly professional personnel in additon to offering unique opportunities for managers of different expertise within the realm of HR.

FLEX recruitment consultants successfully deal with top openings in HR management (HR Directors and HR Managers) and perform active searches of personnel in more specific business environments: compensation and benefits, training and development, recruitment, internal communications, HR administration.

Our customers range from the biggest world renown Russian and foreign companies as well as small and medium enterprises operating in various areas of business: FMCG, Information Technologies, Telecommunications, Banking, Production, Retail, Pharmacy, Construction and real Estate, Oil and Gas, Insurance, Professional Services etc. Besides, we are providing services and support to the companies planning to come and develop in the Russian market.

FLEX recruitment consultants have the enthusiasm, skills, expertise and market insight to make sure the needs and requirements of companies and candidates are fully satisfied. We are consistently able to find highly motivated professional staff possessing extensive experience and with excellent competencies to match the requirements of companies and their specific corporate culture: something that now is becoming vital for HR managers of all levels.

Our best projects:

  • HR Specialist
  • HR and Capability Manager
  • HR BP
  • Head of HR Department
  • HR Director


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