What We Offer

Flex has great experience in Executive Search and Management Selection Recruitment.

Executive Search

Flexible and individual approach is required for top-management searching, which allows finding the most suitable and deserving candidates quickly from scores of applicants. That is to say the heads of companies, directors and heads of departments establish business development strategies. Attracting such high profile professionals is hard work and a big responsibility. Such specialists do not look for a job often and are the most successful experts in their field. For many years we have been following such professionals and monitoring their career development.

Management Selection

Mid-level managers are the most desired specialists, who provide operational management and working efficiency of a specified, proxy area of focus.

Long-term working experience, labor market research, modern headhunting technologies and our own establishing database are the instruments, which are used by us in recruitment.
Additional Services

To our selection of senior and mid-ranking specialists, Flex offers a number of additional services.

For employers:

Labor market research on for particular specializations – it allows you to develop an economically sound and attractive remuneration system for employees; attract and retain key talent; build strong employee loyalty; strengthen bargain position for when recruiting.

Salary Survey – We have deep expertise in performing salary surveys for particular sectors. We tailor our surveys to our client’s needs focusing broadly on sectors or by selecting specific relevant companies. This helps clients to understand how their current salary and benefits packages compare with competitors or with market trends and therefore to make better decisions when looking to retain and recruit.

HR-branding – assistance in enhancing the company’s image. In current market conditions employers find themselves fighting harder to recruit and retain the top talent, those with unique skills or with high levels of qualifications and experience. We work with client’s HR departments to help them to become the ‘Employer of Choice’ in their industries; building a brand and legend that will attract the top professionals.  We work to help clients choose the very best from a selection of the better candidates attracted by the unique HR brand that we build at our clients.

Outplacement – The majority of companies in the course of their development undergo changes which frequently require the dismissal of employees or their rapid replacement. Flex advises employers how to effectively manage these situations, and also advises staff who have been dismissed on how to determine a new career path.

For jobseeker:

Career consulting – assistance in how to choose the right position for you and how to maximize your growth potential within your current role or in your next role.



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