Who Whe Are

Our Character

We hire our own staff and nobody is here ‘by accident’ or people who were just bored in their previous position.  We look for managers with a strong potential and clear leadership skills. Each and every one of us puts in our maximum professional working in solving the staffing needs of the Clients.

The Leaders Within

As businesses are putting a more stronger filter on their staff choices, and competition is growing harder that all influenced on the quality of our consultants' work. In various market situations we demonstrate good will in all we do and keep a high team spirit.

Srategic Approach

Our company was founded on three pillars: Professionalism, Goodwill and a Creative Approach to all that we do. We look to shape our company for the realities of the post crisis economy to provide long term stability for our company and to support our clients to strengthen their market position.

We Enjoy Work and Life

Our consultants truly enjoy their work and the opportunity to demonstrate their existing talents and unlock hidden potential when approach new and complex tasks. 








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